About Us

Our Story

Cypher Incorporated was established in September 2010. In the journey of last four years Cypher has reached at the decent level in IT industry in India and across the globe. Along with IT field Cypher stepped in Electronics filed as well, in the previous year Cypher has launched couple of electronics products as well. Since the inception of the company we have obtained a good response from the market. At the start our focus was on educating engineering students about good software and programming practices during technical training in C, C++, Java, .Net etc. Through this maneuver we succeeded in training a lot of software professional who went on to be successful programmers and software developers with good companies. In the next phase, as we gained the kind of employees we wanted for our vision of quality, we shifted our focus to software development, typically in web development. In this market the secret of our success was and always be quality produce at affordable costs. We believe in quality and customer satisfaction. We have gained many satisfied customers through out our time in software development market and we hope to continue this.

Why Cypher?

  • Dedicated Team
  • Highly Qualified Resources
  • Serving the industry since more than 5 years
  • 24×7 Support Team
  • 25 countries served
  • 80% client retention
  • Global presence
  • 25 Strength

 Our Methodology

  • Client sends the inquiry to business team
  • Business team sends the inquiry to technical team
  • Technical team analyze the inquiry and sends the same to corresponding department head
  • Department head prepares the project document and sends back to technical team
  • Technical team sends the project document to business team
  • Business team prepares the timeline and budget based on the document
  • Sends back to client to makes an agreement

 Project Implementation Method

  • Understanding the requirement
  • Preparing Database Schema
  • Designing Graphics
  • Developing Modules
  • Testing
  • Deployment